Relying on sheer grit and discipline to get you through a craving is no fun. In fact, it can even set you up for failure.

Instead, what if you address the ROOT CAUSE of your cravings to help prevent, manage, and CRUSH them?

What's in this guide:
- How to stop nighttime cravings
- Why you feel cravings when you're stressed & what to do about it
- Which foods bring on cravings fast
- Be prepared for cravings before they strike!
- Which foods keep you feeling satisfied and full

Not only will you feel more in control of your cravings, but you’ll feel extra energy and…drumroll…EVEN BETTER RESULTS!

And, as a get my Love Your Body Manifesto, too! Often women think they can only love their body if they hit a certain number on the scale or feel good in a certain size. I'll show you how to make loving your body a new habit - and get you closer to feeling your best and building a life you love.